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Masonry Restoration
Masonry Restoration

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Concrete Work Services

Eventually all concrete based structures need to be either repaired or re-poured based on the amount of damage that has occurred over the years. Be it the base of a building, a garage or patio base - once standing water, ice, or salt gets soaked into them, cracking occurs and crumbling results.

It is important to detect these problems early on because once the damage is allowed to seep into the underlying steel support infrastructure things can get worse causing you to have to completely reconstruct certain elements as opposed to the less evasive resurfacing approach.

Borek Corporation can assess your concrete structural needs and recommend the proper treatment to protect it from future damage. In most cases if the problem is treated early on we can patch the problem areas and cover it with a protective BASF COATINGS. Consider using Borek Corporation for high-rise buildings, parking ramps, concrete balconies, and garage floors.